Alla inlägg den 7 oktober 2018

Av Nina Kjar - 7 oktober 2018 23:03

The success of Bitcoin stunned and frightened the banking establishment, and regulators worldwide have been engaging with the challenge cryptocurrencies pose to the traditional, centralized financial system. It’s also reasonable to assume that cryptocurrencies are pressuring the incumbent financial industry to provide matching solutions.

. Trading CFDs on bitcoin give various advantages over buying and selling actual bitcoins.

  CFD trading has the provides the potential for profit regardless which direction the value of bitcoin is going. Traders make money on the difference between their opening and closing positions, whether they trade short or long on bitcoins price. This means that CFD traders can turn a profit when they assume that the price of Bitcoin will fall, by opening a short position. CFD traders, therefore, have more flexibility and can use CFDs exploit the considerable volatility of Bitcoin. In addition to Bitcoin, CFD traders can also gain exposure to other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum. 


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