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CFD Trading

Av Nina Kjar - 21 augusti 2018 14:22

Markets.com is an award with great influence in the financial industry.
24option.com are awarded directly selected by clients when logging into the Broker-Wahl site and voting for their preferred Broker. CFD (Contract of Difference) Trading is a ‘derivative’ investment instrumentCFD Trading offers many new opportunities.

Kundeninstitut is a full-service market research institute that analyses both the service quality of companies and industries, as well as offering a wide range of market and motivational research.
24optionhonored to be awarded ‘'Best Investment Trading Platform 2013'' at the MENA 12th Forex show organised by Arabcom group, recognizing the industry leaders in forex.
Since 2013,  live4trading.co.uk is an official study partner of the business magazine "€ uro" and the financial weekly "€ uro am Sonntag" and in the "Finance" one of the leading market research institutes.
24option has been awarded Best trading Platform at the International Financial Awards 2017.
The Q&A are addressed to local regulators, to help achieve a uniform approach across Europe to the regulation and supervision of CFD providers by ensuring that regulators have common guidance to follow.
Despite some serious conduct concerns arising (most recently those set out in the February 2016 Dear CEO letter), this has not previously led to tighter rules being imposed in the UK. Yet several overseas regulators have already taken steps to enhance consumer protection, with leverage limits being imposed in a number of countries.
The FCA is of the view that these are inappropriate, even where the attached terms and conditions are clearly disclosed to potential clients, and that consequently, nothing but an all-out ban will do.
The proposed profit-loss disclosure would need to state the percentage of client accounts that made a net profit or loss, both in the previous calendar quarter of trading activity and over the last year.
Therefore, it could be problematic for firms to receive evidence of experience where a client has not previously traded with that firm.
The FCA is proposing that a retail client may only be deemed experienced for these purposes if they have: 5 years of experience in the field of derivatives trading
The FCA is proposing a range of measures relating to leverage caps, disclosures and promotions. We provide a comparison of the leading CFD brokers in the UK.

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